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From log cabins to modern homes

Over 145 years ago, early settlers of Stephensville in Outagamie County wanted a better way to insure themselves at a lower cost. They formed what is now Ellington Mutual. Founded in the belief that proper protection should be transparent, easy to access, and affordable, we still hold true to those principles today. Ellington continues to innovate through our affiliation with two other traditional companies-Mutual of, Wausau and Homestead Mutual.

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Blazing honest trails

When something unexpected happens, you need your losses quickly restored. Our staff and local, independent agents work hard to ensure you get fast coverage and transparent answers and protection when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your agent has access to a computer program that can calculate the cost to replace your home in today’s market. Contact your agent on an annual basis (or immediately if you have completed any additions or remodeling) to make sure your property is adequately insured.

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Contact your agent so they can advise you on any changes you’d like to make to your coverage. Your agent’s contact info can be found on the top right corner of your insurance policy declarations page. Or on our Find an Agent page.

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Ellington Mutual sells insurance through our network of independent agencies. To locate an agency in your area, go to the Find an Agent page.

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We do not currently offer automobile insurance. However, many of our agencies represent auto insurance carriers that will offer a policy credit if you have your primary residence insured with Ellington Mutual. Check with your agent for eligibility. Auto policies are expected to become available in 2023.

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In the event of a loss, trying to remember all your possessions is extremely difficult. Ellington Mutual recommends you either utilize an online service to develop a list, such as “Know Your Stuff,” or keep a list of larger items with photos or a video. Simply walking around your home and outbuildings with a video camera mentioning items will help in the event of a loss. Make sure the camera media is stored offsite, either in a safe deposit box or with someone you trust.

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We do offer competitive rates on umbrella coverage. This important coverage is a key element in your asset protection.

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Yes. We offer special coverage to fill the gap between traditional property insurance and facing large out-of-pocket expenses to make equipment upgrades or bury utility lines.

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We can provide technical guidelines for installing a wood-burning appliance. Call our office at 920.779.4515 for more information.

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We are authorized to write in the entire state of Wisconsin. Contact the nearest agency using our agent locator feature. They’ll be glad to help you even if they’re not in your town.

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