About Us


Ellington Mutual was formed by the early settlers of Stephensville in Outagamie County. Owning and managing their own local company provided these courageous people with a better way to insure themselves at a lower cost. Now over 140 years later, our policyholder owners still hold to those principals.

Protection is the essence of why people purchase  insurance. When something unforeseen happens people need their loss restored quickly and efficiently. At Ellington Mutual our local Agents and Staff work hard everyday to ensure that happens.

Ellington Mutual is a Wisconsin based property casualty insurance company committed to superior service while utilizing today’s technology. Our philosophy is simple—local, friendly service, competitive rates and financial security.

We strive daily to ensure our customers are proud to say, “We’re with Ellington”, just like we have since 1878.

2018-2019 Officers and Directors

New London, WI​

Chairman Michael Mehlberg Clintonville, WI
Vice Chairman Joseph Bricco New London, WI
Secretary-Treasurer Carol Prill  New London, WI
Director Keith Suprise Shiocton, WI
Director Lisa Visocky Hortonville, WI
Director Angela Hanson Manawa, WI
Director Terry Schley New London, WI
Director  Judy Bauer Ogdensburg, WI
Director Jennifer Bauer Ogdensburg, WI
President/CEO Howard J. Schwartz CPCU AIC-M AIM AIS PFMM