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Landlord Insurance

Landlord building insurance covers home, apartment and condo rental properties

What if a tornado takes the roof off a condo you’re renting out? Or a fire burns down the apartments you lease to tenants? Or someone is injured at a home you’re subletting? As a landlord, you need building insurance that protects your properties and minimizes out-of-pocket costs.

The best landlord insurance prevents unexpected costs from moving in.

Beyond damage to your dwelling, landlord insurance can minimize surprise costs. For example, if your tenant or a visiting guest is hurt, Ellington Mutual provides liability coverage to help with their medical expenses, legal fees, and settlements. Additionally, if your rental property is damaged by something already covered (storm, fire, etc.), to the point where you can’t rent it out, we’ll reimburse you for the income lost during that time.

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Rental property insurance from Ellington Mutual covers you, the property owner, from damages to physical properties when renting out your:

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Single-family homes

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Multi-unit homes

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Sheds and garages

What landlord insurance does and doesn't cover

Landlord building insurance offers financial protection covering the costs of:

  • Damage to your rental’s physical structure due to vandalism, fire, weather, etc.
  • Water damage from leaking pipes and washing machine failures
  • Sewer or sump pump backups
  • Damage to equipment kept on the property to maintain it, such as lawn mowers and snow and leaf blowers

Landlord insurance doesn’t cover things that are protected by your renters’ insurance, such as:

  • Damage to or loss of tenants’ personal belongings, such as vehicles, jewelry, and furniture
  • Tenants’ liability, such as when one of their guests is injured, or a guest’s personal property is damaged on the premises, and the tenant is found responsible
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Consider adding umbrella insurance to your landlord insurance policy

Umbrella insurance can add extra peace of mind for those who own investment properties, minimizing out-of-pocket expense for liability when your primary insurance policies exhaust their limits.

Get a landlord insurance quote

Ellington Mutual offers the best landlord insurance from local, independent agents who know your needs.