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Call us with your insurance claim at 920.779.4515 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In an emergency after hours, call 1.888.238.2426.

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What to expect after making an insurance claim

Step by step, here’s what to expect after you make an insurance claim:

Your claims representative will soon contact you at the number you provided to arrange an appointment.


Be sure to provide all available contact numbers including home, cell and work.


If you’re not able to stay in your home, share your temporary address and number so we can stay in touch.

Your claims representative may want to visit your property. They may develop estimates on damage to your home and personal property. Try to be present during the appointment and point out all areas of concern.


In a disaster situation where multiple property owners are affected, a team of claims representatives will work in your area. We strive to make initial contact with each property owner within several days after a claim is filed. In major disasters, with hundreds of homes destroyed or badly damaged, it may take us a little longer to contact policyholders.

Claims FAQs

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Your next steps

Before your claims representative arrives at your property:

Cover broken windows and damaged roofs with plywood, tarps or other materials. This helps prevent further damage.


Share with your claims representative copies of bills and receipts for all materials/services.

Separate damaged and undamaged property and compile a list of your damaged items.


Take pictures of damage to your structure and the damaged personal property. Give copies to your claims representative.

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Compile a list of damage

A thorough list of damaged personal property can help speed up the claims process. This can feel time-consuming and emotional, but a complete and accurate list helps make sure you get faster, more thorough coverage.

Be sure to provide a copy of your total list of damages to your claims representative.

Meet with the adjuster

After the investigation is completed, the adjuster will contact you—in person or by phone—to review your claim and discuss the settlement.

Be careful in selecting a contractor

It’s your responsibility to select a contractor and arrange for repairs. It’s usually best to select a local contractor or repair service—a local company that’s insured and bonded and gives you a written guarantee.

Ask around to see if anyone else has worked with the contractor you’re considering, so you can find out what their experience was like. If anything feels off, it probably is.

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Understanding the Wisconsin Storm Chaser bill

One way to ensure you’re choosing a reliable contractor who will follow through with what you expect is to make sure they obey the Wisconsin Storm Chaser bill:

The Wisconsin Storm Chaser bill requires contractors to provide homeowners with notices and contract termination rights.


It prohibits roofing contractors from retaining deposits or advance payment, except for emergency repairs necessary to protect the property from further damage, pending insurance claim determination.

It also prohibits rebating or other compensation such as “covering” the deductible to induce consumers to enter into contracts.

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