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Renters Insurance

If you rent a home or apartment, you need renters insurance to protect your belongings

Look around your rental property. If something were to happen to your personal belongings, do you have insurance that covers the cost of replacing them?

While your landlord’s insurance may cover damages to the building itself, their policy doesn’t cover your personal items. Many landlords today require tenants have renters insurance.

Coverage you can count on

Personal liability renters insurance from Ellington Mutual covers what you, as the tenant, may need to replace—from electronics to jewelry and clothing—if damaged or stolen, whether or not your belongings are on the rental property at the time of the incident. Coverage includes living costs you may incur if your rental property becomes unlivable.

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Renters insurance policies protect what you own

The best renters insurance policies help protect against losses to tenant’s personal property, including situations where belongings are stolen, vandalized or damaged.

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Get deductible options with premium credit, which means you get a lower premium for a higher deductible, resulting in lower monthly payments.

You may also qualify for a discount on your new home with an auto package.

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Renters insurance includes personal liability so you can sleep at night

Imagine a guest trips down a set of stairs at your rental property and breaks a leg. Or a pet destroys a guest’s expensive bag. If someone gets hurt or their property is damaged while at your rental home, Ellington Mutual renters insurance includes personal liability coverage—up to $1 million—to minimize out-of-pocket costs for you.

Need addition coverage for your renters liability insurance?

We can help. Our renters insurance covers a long list of personal belongings, including: recreational vehicles, home-based businesses, and horse liability. We’ve got coverage for your unique circumstances. Let one of our agents help match you with the right policy.

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Renters insurance that leaves you safe and secure

Get renters insurance with personal liability near you, from independent, local agents who know your needs.