Claims Center

How do you call in a claim?

During normal business hours-Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 4PM call 920-779-4515.  In an emergency after hours please call, 920-574-1295, 920-850-7199, 920-585-0552.

Here’s how we’ll help you …

Thank you for informing us of your property damage. We understand this can be a difficult time, marked by uncertainty and anxiety. Most people who file a loss report are unfamiliar with the claim process. Common questions are: When will a claims representative review my loss? What are my responsibilities? Should I take photographs of the damage?

Tell us where you can be reached

You have taken the first step by filing a loss report with your agent. A claims representative will contact you soon at the telephone number you provided to arrange an appointment. Please provide all available contact numbers including home, cell and work.  If you are not able to stay in your home, please share your temporary address and phone number with your agent or claims representative so we can stay in touch with you.

In a disaster situation, a team of claims representative will work in your area. We intend to make initial contact with each affected property owner within several days after a claim is filed. In major disasters, with hundreds of homes destroyed or badly damaged, it may take us a little longer to contact policyholders. We appreciate your patience.

Take measures to protect and clean up your property

There are several things you can do before the claims representative arrives at your property.

  • Use plywood, tarps or other materials to cover broken windows and damaged roofs. This will prevent further damage from inclement weather. Share with your claims representative copies of bills and receipts for all materials/services.
  • Separate damaged and undamaged property, and begin to compile a list of the damaged items.
  • If you have access to a camera, take photographs of damage to your structure and the damaged personal property. Give a set of the photographs to your claims representative.

Meet with the claims representative for an initial inspection of your property

A claims representative may want to visit your property. The claims representative may develop estimates on damage to your home and personal property. Please try to be present during the appointment and point out all areas of concern.

Compile an inventory of your damaged personal property

You will need to compile a list of personal property damaged. The list should be as complete and accurate as possible. We understand this can be a time-consuming and emotional task, but do the best you can. A well-done list speeds up the claim process. After you complete the list, provide a copy to your claims representative.  We also recommend you take photos of your personal property when the policy is initially written.  A separate memory card could be used to store all the photos taken throughout your home.  The card should be stored away from your home in a safe deposit box or with a trusted friend or family member.

Meet with the adjuster to discuss your settlement

After the investigation is completed, the adjuster will contact you – in person or by telephone – to review your claim and discuss the settlement.

Be careful in selecting a contractor

It is your responsibility to select a contractor and arrange for repairs. It is usually best to select a local contractor or repair service; someone from the area, who is insured and bonded and who gives you a written guarantee.

Wisconsin Storm Chaser Bill

Wisconsin passed the Storm Chaser bill on July 5, 2013.  It requires contractors to provide homeowners with notices and contract termination rights. It prohibits roofing contractors from retaining deposits or advance payment, except for emergency repairs necessary to protect the property from further damage, pending insurance claim determination. It also prohibits rebating or other compensation such as “covering” the deductible, to induce consumers to enter into contracts.